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Tobi and Moco Comic 1# by ColorDrake
Tobi and Moco Comic 1#
Request From my best friend Zeny : ) Tobi ( my O.C ) and Moco ( Zeny's OC ) Are going to play until dawn. Boy i hope Tobi wont get too Scared. <XD 

Tobi Belong to me :iconcolordrake:

Moco Belongs to :icondj-zeny:

:iconcolordrake: ColorDrake

Zygarde Perfect Forme by ColorDrake
Zygarde Perfect Forme
Today I saw the news Zygarde Forme and by god if no one has made the joke about him being Perfect Cell then I'm the first. XP

(c) Zygarde Perfect Forme Does not belong to me.

Art belongs to me ColorDrake (c) :iconcolordrake:
Tome Rebooted ( season 3 Fan made wallpaper ) by ColorDrake
Tome Rebooted ( season 3 Fan made wallpaper )
This is what i think if TOME ever had a Season 3. (well one can dream. XD )
(( #makeithappen )) QvQ 

Info: After the events of the battle against Rubirules and the Flame of the D-Bug The People of the C.P.D made sure he would never hurt anyone again. But his actions did more Damage then they thought. For you see SOFDTI was not the first A.I the Netkings created. The first A.I was called. "Motherboard" but the A.I was not strong enough to run TOME but instead of deleting it they just shut it down and forgot about it . The Forgotten A.I was left in Tome's Database powerless and lifeless.....until now. The explosive energy from the Virus Kajet and Dragon Bugs Flame was unleashed into Tome's hardware and into the forgotten A.I bring it back online. 3 months has pass. Tome is reborn with new places to see more powers more Classes and new faces and more adventures to experience. Join Alpha, Flamegirl, Kirbopher, Nylocke, Gamecrazed and many more familiar faces as they Travel the new lands of Tome and Keep it safe from the looming threat ahead. Join us in " TOME Rebooted "

All the Characters Belong to (c) Kirbopher :iconkirbopher15: 
All redesign's were Made by Me (c) :iconcolordrake:

:iconcolordrake: (c) ColorDrake
Enter the Dark Portal ( random Screenshot ) by ColorDrake
Enter the Dark Portal ( random Screenshot )
Nothing much.

Screenshot taken by me from my game (c) World of Warcraft .

:iconcolordrake: ColorDrake
Zeala's new pets ( Fel hunters )

Well would you look at that She made some new Pet Friends c:

The thing they have in Common is they like to eat there Meat. : 3

(c) Zeala the Man eater Belong to who also has a Tumblr. :iconshadyever:

(c) Fel Hunters Belong to Blizzard :iconblizzardplz:

Art Belongs to me (c) ColorDrake

DA : :iconcolordrake:


Zephir,Drake and Shady venture into a weird and warped world. Not knowing what horrors are lurking around join our young hero's as they try there hardest to survive in the wilderness.

:iconcolordrake: ColorDrake


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